This age group has its own programme  provides challenges, adventure and opportunities to learn and grow. The fun and engaging programme enables the children to work in a team and take more responsibility.

Juniors would also get the opportunity to go on camps and residential trips, and for some this will be their first night away from home. Our camps take place on weekends to a whole week and we often stay in the Wyre Forest at The Frank Chapman Centre or Coopers Mill. Also we have been to camp to London, Weston Super Mare and Wales and if it is a canvas camp then Juniors aged 10 and over can go into a tent.


Throughout their time in the Juniors Section, children can gain badges and recognition for their participation in the programme. 


The Uniform

Boys in the Junior Section wear a core uniform of a blue polo shirt and royal blue sweatshirt with a hat. Members wear school trousers and footwear as part of the uniform. 


The Awards

There are three rows on the Juniors armband:
Row 1 – Service Badge (left), Juniors Membership Award (centralised), Nights Away Award (right)
Row 2 – Juniors Activity Awards (centralised)
Row 3 – Highest Anchors Activity Award (left), Juniors Project Awards (centralised), Special Anniversary/Event or Recruitment Badge (right).

On the small armband a maximum of two Special Anniversary/Event or Recruitment Badges may be worn alongside the Juniors Project Awards and highest Anchors Activity Award on row 3, although as a member gains the Juniors Project Awards it may be necessary to move to the large armband where the layout of the badges changes and is across 4 rows to allow for additional badges. The large armband layout is shown below.

Armband example above shows ALL awards/badges which can be obtained during a member’s time in Anchors based on joining at age 8/9 and going through until end of session in which they attain their 11th birthday. It shows them completing all the core Activity Awards and Project Awards. Also shown on the armband is the Juniors Membership Award, 6 year Service Badge and the World War 1 Award Badge.

What time and costs?

Juniors meet Mondays time 6pm to 8pm

A monthly sub of £6 covers the running costs of the Company. The subs includes a yearly insurance fee of £21 is required to cover each member whilst doing Boys' Brigade activities.

There is a Uniform and a sweatshirt and a hat can cost anything from £17 upwards. 

We have a stocked tuckshop.


Email us to find out more. Click on the icon. 


Or text/phone: 07852883040 speak to Graham Knight (Captain)